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This review of The Best Hostel in Madrid is totally biased. I did not stay at 25 different hostels to come to this conclusion. I’ve been to Madrid twice, and both times I stayed at the same hostel. It was actually even my buddy who chose Cat’s Hostel Madrid the first time, and I enjoyed my stay so much, I booked it again the second time I visited.

Now let me tell you why Cat’s Hostel Madrid is the best hostel in Madrid.

Cat's Hostel Madrid

Cat’s Hostel Madrid

C/ Cañizares, 6

Madrid, 28012

Telephone: +34 913 692 807


1. Location

When you’re in a big city, location is important as you want everything to be nearby. Using too much public transport is usually not high on my list of things I want to experience, certainly not in the blistering heat of Spain. The Cat’s Hostel Madrid is smack dab in the center of Madrid, with almost every attraction within a twenty minute walking distance.

Though I also want it to be easy to get there from the airport, and back. So the nearest metro station Anton Martin or Tirso De Molina are only a three minute walk from Cat’s Hostel Madrid.

2. Price

I’m a backpacker, meaning my budget is limited. My rule for city tripping in Europe is that I can’t spend more on accommodation than the price of my flight. Or at least that is the goal I’m aiming for. Often I don’t spend that much time in the hostel anyway. I just need a place that has a decent shower, a nice bed, and everything else is extra.

The Cat’s Hostel is therefor excellent. Their dorm room rates start at $10 a night (though I don’t recommend doing the 19 person dorm, it’s just too much). I prefer dorm rooms from 4 to 8 people. That way it’s affordable, and not too crowded (and often less noisy). For the correct prices, check here.

© Cat’s Hostel Madrid
© Cat’s Hostel Madrid

3. Facilities

One of the most important aspects for me for a hostel, is the shower! What I need is hot water, clean, and good pressure. Luckily the bathrooms in Cat’s Hostel Madrid score excellent on that. The bigger dorms have showers in the room, but there are also big bathrooms in the hallways.

For a hostel in Madrid, airconditioning is another major point. Just ask the reception to turn it on, and relax in a cool room.

Other facilities:

  • Decent wifi (Facebook login)
  • Electric lockers
  • Reading lamp
  • Plenty of outlets

To see all the facilities, click here.


4. Activities

Cat’s Hostel Madrid offers quite a lot of fun activities! One of the activities I always do when I get to a new city, is take a Free Walking Tour. The guide will pick you up at the hostel, shows you around, and gives you all the insider tips.

Cat’s Hostel Madrid is also one of the few hostels in Europe I’ve come across that has their own bar! With a free drink upon arrival, free pasta night, karaoke night, and their pub crawl, it’s a party every night of the week. It’s one of the hostels where it has been the easiest to meet new people.

Those of you who are not the big party animals, no worries, the bar is sectioned off from the rest of the hostel, so there is no noise issue. You can still get your beauty sleep.

See all of the activities Cat’s Hostel Madrid provide.

© Cat’s Hostel Madrid
patio-cats hostel madrid
© Cat’s Hostel Madrid

5. Extra

One of the best things about traveling through Europe, is the rich history. The Cat’s Hostel Madrid’s patio is an excellent example of that. The 18th century patio is an excellent place to relax on one of the many cushions, and sofas spread around the gorgeous fountain while surrounded by the stunning mosaic walls.



Cat’s Hostel Madrid

Why not a 100% rating if Cat’s Hostel Madrid is supposed to be the best hostel in Madrid? Well I never give something a 100% mark, as I believe there can always be something improved, and I don’t believe in perfection.

As I said, this review is biased, and I just enjoyed my time at the Cat’s Hostel Madrid. I’ve been recommending it to all my friends who’re planning on going there, and they all also had fun staying there.

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